No such thing as a ‘Perfect Christian’ in 2014

As I prepare to end the last day of 2013 in Japan, I have to thank God with every ounce of blood in my body because I am not who I used to be and I am alive. This year I suffered the most adversity. My little brother was murdered, and since then I have never been the same. I could have been angry and wanted to hurt his killer, but instead I chose to forgive and love him, and believe that one day I will meet him and tell him I forgive him and love him. I could have gave up on my dreams, but instead I knew I had to push harder for myself and my brother in heaven, for every victim that will never dream again, and to every family that will never get to see their child’s dreams come into fruition. It changed me. However, it did not change me on my own because the old me would have lost it long ago. My peace with my brother’s murder along with many other trials and tribulations I silently endured this year I survived through God’s grace and mercy. For those that personally know me and always asks how I do it, it’s God.As I close this year, I want you all to know that there is no such thing as a “Perfect Christian”. Do not allow where you are right now, this moment, to allow you to not know Jesus. The beautiful thing about God is your relationship with Him. Slowly you begin to make changes before Him for Him. It will be a process of mistakes and hard times, but don’t you for a second think that you are alone. I made it to see the end of 2013 in the best position I have ever been in in my entire life. I had the chance to see my dreams come true and having my most successful year because I had a dream that I prayed on and dedicating to God. It came to life because I PUSHED, PRAYED, AND HAD A FULL-TIME GRIND. Success did not “just” happen. God did this for me, and for many of you that know where I come from you will know that my future is beyond bright after all that I have conquered despite my obstacles. I WILL NEVER STOP PUSHING.

All of this happen when I threw my hands up and said, “God’s work not mine”. Please let Him take your from wherever you are, the dope house, the hospital bed, the corner, the strip club, the pimps house, the jail cell, the streets, the orphanage, foster care home, the rape, the horrible marriage, the abusive relationship, WHEREVER you are and allow Him to use your life! There is no telling where God will take you. Respect the process though, and know it will take time for you to transform. However, remember there is no such thing as the perfect Christian. Surround yourself around believers, dreamers, mentors, coaches, but most importantly Christian friends that will stand by you at all cost and genuinely want to see you rise in Christ as you work to serve Him. Pray over everything in 2014. It will not be an easy year, protect yourself from wordily things that may distract you, and people that say they they love you and support you, but their motives are all evil. Pray for wisdom to see deeper and see truth. This New Year will be tough, however, it will be worth the journey for Him.

God bless you all and never lose faith no matter what things look like right now, your mistakes, and what people have done. Let it all go and rise.

If this message touched you in any way, please share this post.Shoutout to #PUSHNATION for the accountability this year to stand strong and do work that will impact the world.

Thank you all that continue to pray for me and believe in me.

Thank you all that have seen me through this journey, I would have
never made it this far without you. You know who you are.

BELIEVE IN GOD. It is your way out of whatever you are going through. You have 24 hours or less to make the best decision of your life as you enter 2014.





Love you always,

Jessenia Arias

Seeing Yourself Out of the Storm


Life has got you down and you feel like you have hit rock bottom. You have tried every way to make ends meet. Your friends have strayed away. Your significant other has betrayed you for the last time. The bullying won’t stop. You relapsed after promising yourself that was the last time.  Your parents won’t stop fighting. The abuse won’t stop. You feel like you are losing every ounce of sanity left in your body and you are searching for a way out. All you can do is whisper “God”.

I remember when I thought there was no way out. I thought no one loved me after being abandoned as a baby, teased in school, raped,  homeless, boy friends cheating on me, and the list goes on. I turned to alcohol to disguise my pain and paint that beautiful smile everyone knows me for. Who was I kidding. I was drowning in my misery, and depression had me thinking the unthinkable…suicide. The last person I wanted to speak to was God. I could not bring myself to pray. After all, who was I to a King? Why would He listen to me? I am not worthy of being in the presence of royalty. I was losing hope.  After suffering the last blow to my heart, I knew I had hit rock bottom. I lost everything after recently gaining everything. My life was turned upside down. I began to ponder how I was going to leave this world. I was tired. I heard the train whistle. Did anyone care if I was gone? I wanted to impact those people that wounded me so deeply even if it was at my expense. I wanted to leave them with a message for them to feel guilty for the rest of their lives; therefore, they will never hurt anyone like they hurt me. I wanted the pain to stop. I wanted God.

Little did I know God was always there. He never left. He had been calling me the entire time. Most of the time I was fighting the urge to come back to Him. I heard Him calling; I did not want to listen. I was afraid of what happiness looked like. Sounds crazy right? I did not think I deserved everything I knew the Bible said and God represented. The entire time He was trying to show me peace and love, yet I allowed myself to remain in troubled situations and a victim of my circumstances instead of a victor that God created me to be. I allowed myself to think I was worthless and unworthy of love because of my beginnings. It wasn’t what God had planned. I allowed every single problem I had to take over my life.

I remember along my journey, I heard a Pastor say, “You have to see yourself out of the storm”. I thought to myself, “Do you know how many storms I have had to endure? Hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, you name it; I have felt it. Most importantly I SURVIVED THEM. It was then I began to realize that if I made it out any other time in the past, what made this time any different. I am a fighter and a survivor. I am just like you. Every let down,  every name I was called, every hit I took, every sip of alcohol I drank, every guy that said they did not love me anymore, any one that said I wasn’t good enough prepared me for the strength that I have today. Unbreakable and unshakeable. The strength that comes from the armor of God that I put on everyday (Ephesians 6:10-18) carries me through the journey. It is our protection from the enemy that tries to sneak up on us time to time and attempts to remind us of our past to knock us down. When you have this armor on, you are protected by God. Nothing can hurt you and no matter what people say it bounces right off.

Check this out…I realized that the more I drew closer to God and moved away from everyone that caused me harm, the closer I felt God and the more my life changed for the better. We cannot confuse man for God. No one can do what God can do for us. He is the healer of our past and preparer for our future. He can turn all negatives to positives. That is right, no matter what has happened to you, God can turn that into your purpose. The world needs to hear how you overcame the abuse, the heartache, the beatings, the teasing, the disappointments. God created you out of greatness, and you are not defined by what people have done or said to you. It was preparation for what was to come.

Expect the best out of your life. See yourself out of the storm even when you are still feeling the beating of the rain and winds. See the life you want to live. See your happiness. Most of all…see yourself being who God called you to be! Turn to Him and not to anyone for answers. Build that relationship with Him while you are in the storm. All He wants is to get the glory how he took His princess and His prince and set them back into their castle to LIVE. You are royalty. You are a child of God. Expect NOTHING less than that!

PUSH for a relationship with God to hear Him more clearly. PRAY for guidance. Grind knowing that all things work together for those that love the Lord.

Are you going through a storm? Do you know what seeing yourself out of the storm looks like? Feel free to share your testimony or your storm and let’s pray about it together.

Love you,

Jessenia Arias

Be Fearless


More people in the world would make their dreams a reality if they made the decision to be fearless. Those that do not fear failure are those that see their dreams come into fruition. Whether you know this or not, the fear of failure is one of the biggest roadblocks a dreamer can experience.  This will cause you to live a life of unhappiness and uncertainty. However, note this:

Those who become successful in life understand that failure is a part of the process.

When you fail, you learn. When you fall, you rise. When you crash, your heart begins to burn to a point that your heart begins to pump harder and harder as your adrenaline rises and you are willing to do anything to get out of the fire.

To be fearless is to not worry what others think about your dream. To be fearless is to not be afraid to invest your last dime out of faith knowing God will take care of it all. You must do your part. You cannot expect God to handle all of your work. Key scripture: Faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26). That is what all of this is about. You have to step out on faith and be fearless! No dreamer is fully equipped until they are strapped with faith.

When you know how great God is and that He is the ruler of all things you should be confident enough to know that there is no reason to have fear. God does not give us the spirit of fear. Cast that out of your mind, out of your heart, and out of your life. You have to see yourself already there. You have to see yourself impacting and reaping the benefits of the seeds you spent time harvesting. That is your motivation and your PUSH to keep knocking down roadblocks and getting back up every time someone says ‘”no, I’m sorry, next time, next year. Don’t think you are alone on the journey of dreams. God is with you all the time and wants to be a part of it all as soon as you hand over the keys and allow Him to be the Captain. You can’t possibly have fear then when you know God is with you.

Did you know the through prayer, fasting, and just spending some time with God will bring you answers and clarity to the things you are working on?

I challenge you to take some time today and simply talk to God. Talk to Him about your fears, your dreams, direction, purpose, and anything else that is on your heart. He is always listening and waiting for you.

Be fearless,

Jessenia Arias

Finding the Strength to Succeed

Photo Credit: Tansley Methodist Church

Photo Credit: Tansley Methodist Church

Training and preparing for success can often bring feelings of failure and weakness.  However, don’t you for a second think to give up. This is the time to renew your strength in God and soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31).

It may seem that winning a game or a championship is too far fetched no matter how you look at it. It may seem like you may never get that loan from a bank or funding from outside resources after being turned down over and over again. It may seem like no one is willing to work as hard as you to make your dream come to life.  I have to remind you that for every set back there is a come back. For every “no” there is still hope for a “YES”. Don’t you know that our God is the alpha and the omega? He is the beginning and the end, and most of all He has the LAST SAY!

You have nothing to worry about when you put your talents, dreams, and your life in God’s hands. He makes what feels impossible, possible. He is the one that can turn any game around. He is the one that sends us our college acceptance letters. He is on the board of scholarship committees. He is the provider to our finances, dreams, and goals. If it is in God’s plan for your life, you have nothing to worry about. And if it is not what God has for us, we have to accept that too. When we let God handle our dreams, we can confidently know that we are in good hands and no one can stop what He has in order for us. Wouldn’t you rather have permanent success over temporary success? Stop trying to do things your way, and let God do things His way. It is the best way. I pinky promise.

I know some of you might be thinking, “Well I am tired of praying, losing, and being letdown”. I understand, but I have also learned that it was in those moments that I was losing, being overlooked, not being rewarded for my talents was only God’s way of telling me that He wasn’t finished with me yet! And He isn’t finished with you yet! Hold on just a little longer and don’t you ever stop Pushing, Praying, and Grinding. When you are powered by your faith in God you are unstoppable!

Close your eyes and open up your arms. It is time to soar…..PUSH.


Jessenia Arias

Keep Pushin’


Isn’t easy to stray away from our dreams because of our fears? Every one of us has experienced someone that has told us we will never be anything in life, our dream are possible, and that we are not good enough or equipped to carry out the master plan to make the vision come to life.

I am here to let you know what great God we serve. Did you know He told us that we are equipped for the journey, the dream, the vision? Philippians 4:13 tell us that we can do ALL things through Christ, not just one or some He said ALL things!

Don’t you for a second allow fear that people have put in you because they have failed before stop you from allowing God to use you and get you were you are destined be.

God’s promises are real. Pray about it. PUSH.